Why do we send this newsletter?

We are here with a Sole Mission:  To Promote Online Broadcasters within our own Partner Network of Channels.

IPTVX supports and features Independent Online Broadcasting & Websites; Website Marketing & Influential Webcasting Resources.

We feature Live Broadcasting Endeavors and New Market Trends within existing markets as an alternative to Youtube and other types of Censorship Issues whereby we promote from within except you control the platform.

Webcasting has Mature Technology Solutions and we are here to help bring you new industry, and opportunity.

Our Existing Partner Network(s) are made up of Independent Websites and Advertiser/Promoters who want to  promote events and opportunities they create themselves.

If you have looked into or have experience with online broadcasting and production you know there is a lot out there, we have been tracking the growth and development of the industries created from this technology for years.   Anything that is produced by us comes from experience and an overall knowledge of this industry.

Learn about the IPTX Partner Network and Our Member Brands.   Advertise to other Partners and People who value Broadcasting Online.

With our Partner Network  we can bring our knowledge and other information to you “In our own ways.”

Our Partner Network offer proven tools and technologies; help you clearly navigate all there is to know about controlling your path without any censorship issues.

How to get started broadcasting?   Watch how others do it on one of our Partner Channel Networks.

Doug Watkins –  “I saw a guy carrying a 4×8 sheet of ply-board with laptops, camera gear and equipment bolted to it – he was hauling it into a venue for live broadcasting… ” I thought there must be a better way.”

How does this work?   See and support channels with a new perspective on how to do it.

We will tell you how to Bypass censorship issues from the start…. and show you ways to monetize your own channel.   Scale up viewership with an all new viewing platform with a traditional approach to broadcasting freedom.

IPTVX is quite simply an excellent value.  Assorted Technologies to help web site owners / online promoters get an extra boost; they are the preferred vendor for ALL Advertising Products related to MTFNOW! is with IPTVX.net

Understanding the infancy of using social media for communication. We have been consuming media more with every year since the technology has been available. Only recently has youtube hit it’s peak of media saturation. The world will wait for the next solutions to take over.

“When I say to a client that along with hosting the website I will add Google Analytic’s, MTF Adsense – Driving Traffic to their domain, Ads Dashboard (MTF Affiliates) – – they like the idea that is ready to let people know about their business – – it exists and they like the fact that they will be included in future newsletters.    This is the Partner Network.”

“Client’s always tell me – you don’t get that kind of service from Godaddy.    So I add them to be featured in the newsletter for $100 per year.   I usually send the T-SPAN – Now we are sending News.IPTVX”

Doug Watkins – Entrepreneur, Founder MTFNOW!

Media Technology enables any measure of success when marketing online.

“It all starts with the right website – on that is able to do the job and grow with you…”

Why not use that power for yourself and your own ideas. Media Tech Farm is bringing you online brands to choose from when planning and deploying your website. We use promotional, business themes and templates customized to your particular way of doing business.

Anyone can come in at any level and have a online business operational in only a few days.

With the right promotion systems and marketing strategies you will have the tools to get your business up and running.

“This is why you need the Media Tech Farm. Seeds to sow your field and grow a harvest. Crop Share, Plow Share, Harvesting, Growing at whatever stage needed.”

People need the online tools to get ahead in online business. We find ways to make purchasing technology easier with better choices that fully integrate.     With IPTVX & MTF’s approach we have thought of everything to get your business ready to “go live” and promote using the internet.

IPTVX & MTFNOW! are about affordable implementation of your business model using online business templates themed with your ideas.