IPTVX is the Network where you can design your own marketing campaigns making guerrilla style marketing campaigns easier.    We provide a step by step guide to becoming an affiliate and using online promotional tools.   You don’t have to be hosted by MTFNOW! to use IPTVX.  Just sign up to get started.

How does it work?

We make suggestions on what is needed to install your website.   In most cases we do the installation for you.

Ads Dashboard – Partner Network – Affiliates – Channel Operators – Newsletter Systems – Hosting – Uploader

News.IPTVX and other Affiliate Membership Dashboards to control your overall Campaigns.

We ask you to get a Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords account as well as Webmaster Tools, you can easily assign MTFNOW to take over your account and manage it on your behalf.

We take you through the process and assist you each step of the way.

Affiliate Now!

Web Promotions & Marketing Push Campaigns.

1. Banner Ads on Newsletters
2. Banner Ads on WordPress Websites
3. Banner Ads on MTF Network of Websites
4. Banner Ads on Affiliated Sites (Partner Networks)