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We are here with a Sole Mission:  Promote Online Broadcasters within our own Partner Network of Channels.

IPTVX supports and feature’s Independent Online Broadcasting & Websites; Website Marketing & Influential Webcasting Resources.

We feature Live Broadcasting Endeavors and New Market Trends within the Existing Markets as an alternative to Youtube and Censorship Issues

Webcasting has Mature Technology Solutions and we are here to helping bring you to these new industries, and opportunities, not just for broadcast and not just our mission only, we think it’s the right bright idea!

Our Existing Partner Network’s is made up of Independent Websites and Advertiser/Promoters who want to  Promote Events and opportunities they Create themselves.

IPTXV Partner Network of Clients – We offer free services and paid services. Promotion and Live Event Management & Consulting.

Each client who signs up for an affiliate membership is featured in the “Featured Partner Network Section” of the Newsletter.

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The Posts you are seeing at the top of the newsletter are Ad Dashboard – Affiliates of the Media Tech Farm.

Go to  >> MTF Accounts  >> Affiliates Manager or Ads Dashboard.  The Affiliates are able to load a banner onto the site and then other members of the Partner Network (Media Farmers) are able to share any of the banner ads (similar to adsense) to drive traffic.

MTF has clients doing this and more are joining each day.

Learn More about Affiliates:

There is more to this….  of course to this — as you might want to look at the MTF Solutions page

Solutions can provide an idea of all the segments of Media on the Internet.

So the newsletter can also show people information and meaningful promotional content
(instead of just an ad)

Business approaches that people want to know about regarding how they can get in on the next phase of SEO, Social Marketing etc., Entrepreneurship, Startups, Individual Sole Proprietors etc.

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