Cameras for Churches

It’s easy for us to design and install a camera system for you.   We will look at the construction of your church, determining wireless cameras as well as cameras that are hard wired using POE which stands for Power over Ethernet or Hard Wired.

Once we complete your site survey for wireless and internet we can begin to get equipment shipped, delivered, installed and operational.

Camera Options Form – Quote Form

Camera systems are usually bundled as 8, 16 or 32 cameras but we can do as few or as many as you need in sets of 10 cameras.   We can use a combination of Wireless and Wired cameras which can save up front installation cost.    We suggest using a Solar Powered Camera system – No Hard Wires at the Camera end.

Below are some network diagrams that show you how these systems are interconnected.

Your camera network might look like this…

Let us design a system for you.

Camera system & setup quote.  Contact MTF!