Affiliate Marketing Using IPTVX & MTF

Each affiliate client who signs up for the $100 per year (basic) affiliate membership is featured in the Partner Network Area Section of the Newsletter.   Hosting Clients, Affiliates and Webcasting Clients are promoted together as a group.  They can also provide addresses to use in the partner network.   Circles of like minded friends and their own niche marketing group.

Affiliate Now!

There will be a message at the top of each newsletter that says….   You or someone you know has requested that you get this newsletter.   See the newsletter to see who this might be (something like that)   Update your information in our database or unsubscribe.

The Title – What does it mean?   Real Time Media News – This is the overall vision below:

The title is    “Real Time Media News” – Meaning…  “News from clients real time people who are promoting on various media sites.”   Social, Video, Messaging, Images…. Media – A new approach in that Real Time helps to define the word Media when a live event, Messaging Posts etc.,  to people and media user community and segments thereof.

Want to provide Information on how Clients use overall Media Technologies within the Partner Network and beyond     (more on this later….)

Some are Partner Network People, Some Posts are are to be Industry Educational Tips for Social Media – SEO also of the Trade in each Niche Market to provide Ideas for others on how they can build a business using these tools.

Hosting Posts about how cpanel, whm works and why someone would want that.   Showing the Technology in a more understandable way.

Post/Articles from other professionals that want to become an affiliate and join the network so they can write a blog and post it to the site either by rss or by login into the Affiliates Manager or Newsletter WordPress site and post an article for the newsletter.

The news will go out 2x per month and  there are 11,000 addresses within the Partner Network.